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Electronic document flow service
for collegial bodies

optimal for places where decisions are taken by voting:

  • Board of Directors
  • Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Managing Board
  • Expert Council
  • Budget Committee
  • Board of the Department
  • Editorial Board
  • Trade Union Committee
  • Academic Council
  • House Committee
  • Teachers Council
  • Arts Council
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Listohod uses the highest standards for the protection and safety of your data
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The service allows to
Get started quickly
arranging the document flow and voting without the assistance of consultants and system administrators.
Simple and comprehensive
is the motto of the system creators, which will allow you to make the work of your collegiate body simple and comprehensive as well.
discuss issues and documents, suggest draft decisions, involve experts, and conduct full-time and absentee voting.
meet and vote with convenient access to all the materials of the issue on the agenda, an archive of past decisions and protocols.
protect confidential information by encryption. No document will be lost, and no expressed opinion will go unnoticed.
using the roles in a collegial body provided by the system, with different levels of access rights.

As well as:

Register for free, create your collegial body and invite users.

Use cloud or standalone versions of the system.

Create new issues planned in the agenda, discuss and comment on them, attach additional materials, and save draft decisions

  • from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available,
  • at any time,
  • using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Appoint meetings and form their agenda.

Automatically generate and save the minutes of the meeting.

Use the roles in a collegial body provided by the system, with different levels of access rights:

  • Chairman and Secretary,
  • Voting member,
  • Participant,
  • Expert on the issue.

Arrange a full-time and absentee voting on items on the agenda.

Arrange a repository of information materials of the collegial body and always have easy access to them in accordance with the selected roles in a collegial body and the respective access rights.

Increase the level of confidentiality of communication as compared to email, reduce the risk of losing documents and their disclosure.

  • uses 256-bit https encryption,
  • not indexed by any search engines,
  • trusts the most technological system of distributed data centers in the world, Google Storage, with the stated resiliency of over 99.99%.